How to Start a Bounce House Business

If you are considering starting your own bounce house business, we think it’s doable and we’d like to help you out via our Channal’s high quality inflatable products and expert knowledge. We do not rent inflatables, but we are a professional and reliable manufacturer who has more than a decade experiences at manufacturing and selling all kinds of inflatables.

So, how to start a bounce house business? Here are some steps and advice.

Market Research for Local Competitors

First of all, before you do anything, survey the market and competitors in your local area. It’s the most important thing every starter should pay attentions to. Find out what’s the most popular bounce houses and games that adults and kids are playing, list all the existing local inflatable rental companies and their information (such as website, products and price). You may use search engines to collect data and information, or look around your city’s parks and residential areas.

Market Research for Manufacturers

Do some solid searches about all reliable inflatables companies before you purchase anything. Make contacts with them, find out their credits, user reviews, production capacity, product types, prices, etc. Then choose whatever is best for your current status. If you don’t have much start-up capital, then go for manufacturers who provide cheap prices and sales.

You are able to find those competent manufacturers through Google searches, bounce house forums, Facebook private groups and every year’s IAAPA expo in the Orlando, Florida, USA.

It is up to you to choose any inflatable manufacturers, either a American manufacturer or a Chinese one. You can scope out the difference in this post.

Decide Your Initial Bounce Houses

You need some moonwalks, combos, or slides to start with. You have to decide what types, styles and sizes to buy.

As for types, bounce houses are the fundamental essential in the market. Combos and slides are even better, but if you don’t have adequate budget, bouncers are good to go.

As for styles, modular bouncers with replaceable art panels are flexible and adaptable to any theme parties and events.

As for sizes of bounce house, 10 × 10 is the smallest unit, then followed by standard 13 × 13 and bigger one 15 × 15. The size decides the costs and how many kids can jump at the same time.

As for money saving, because you may don’t have much money at your startup to invest, so a good choice is to buy commercial bounce house wholesale or bounce house business packages. In that way, you’ll get standard inflatables to start and cost only somewhere between several hundreds to 2k.

Register, Name, Company Location, Staff

After the decision on your initial bouncy house suppliers for your business startup, the next step is to register your legal company and get license from your state office. I will leave this boring part to you.

The interesting part is you will give a name to your bounce house business. A good name is really going to help you stand out from your opponents, and meanwhile make it easy for your future patrons to remember and share.

I believe most of bouncy castle party rental startups starting their inflatable rental company from home. That’s totally OK, as long as your house got a warehouse space where you can well store and clean the inflatables.

Inflatable moonwalk, inflatable slide and all the other inflatables should be operated by professional inflatable operators who have licenses. Needless to say, you make sure every staff you hire who is responsible for installment of bounce houses will get a license.

Rental Rates

Since you are new to bounce house rental field, you probably need to set your rental rates more compelling than your competitors if you want to earn first customer quickly.

Meanwhile, decide all the other stuffs like cover area, rental window, delivery, pick up and other policies.


Insurance is so extremely important for any bounce house rental business. Because this field is highly relevant to riders’ safety and health (including both adults and kids). Ask insurance companies about insuring your bounce house business and how much it costs.


If you are all set, the next major element of a successful company is about marketing and promotions.

It’s hard to promote your products and services without a modern-looking user-friendly website. You can hire a SEO agency for building your website and after that optimizing and promoting the website to earn online awareness and real traffic. In the beginning of your inflatables business, you probably just go local, so a local SEO service is what you need.

Here is an article about marketing a bounce house business, you may get some ideas from having a read.

Channal Inflatables Likes to Help Start-ups

We are very happy to help you starting your own bounce house inflatable rental businesses. Our quality of commercial inflatables have been tested by market for more than 10 years. And since we are a China manufacturer, we can provide an inviting price. If having any questions, just talk to us, we will see what we can do to help you.

You can visit our commercial inflatables wholesale and for sale webpage to choose whatever inflatable moonwalk and water slide fit for you. You can even talk to our salesman for inflatable start up package sale.


Here are some resources you might wanna check out for more information.

  • Moonwalk forum is a great discussion platform for company owners and starters.

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