Inflatable Playground

Inflatable Playground for Sale

Channal Inflatables is a professional commercial inflatable playground manufacturer and supplier in Guangzhou, China. We design and manufacture custom-made inflatable playground for both kids and adults. You can totally customize your inflatables to your like.

Worldwide Shipping and Payment

We produce your inflatable units in China and ship them to your location. We accept many payment methods, including credit cards, west union, etc.

You may also look for a custom giant outdoor and indoor inflatable park or a large inflatable obstacle course.

What Is an Inflatable Playground

Inflatable playground is a giant blow up playing field type air structure toy. It has a large bounce flooring and usually contains inflatable slides, climb walls, inflatable obstacles, ball pits and other inflatable play features.

Bounce house playground provides more games and fun than common commercial bounce house and inflatable combo. It is larger and allows more kids to jump together.