Inflatable Obstacle Course

Commercial Inflatable Obstacle Course for Sale

Channal Inflatables is an inflatable obstacle course manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We offer custom-made commercial grade quality inflatable obstacle course for both kids and adults. We can manufacture any themes and sizes for you, even the longest inflatable obstacle course in the world. We also produce inflatable 5k obstacles.

How do You Buy Inflatable Obstacle Course from Us

By providing your contact info (such as email or phone) when you submit a quote inquiry or contact us form, our salesperson will contact you and talk in details. We can ship our inflatable obstacle course to the whole world. Check out our shipping info to USA.

What is Inflatable Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is a large challenging and fun inflatable bouncy toy structure. It often contains many interesting features and sections like inflatable climbing walls, tunnels, hedgehog pop-ups, hurdles, beams, tires, bish bash areas, slides, etc. It is also called inflatable assault course.

Dual lane inflatable obstacle course is the most common one. Two opponents try to compete with each other to see who first finishes the race. Inflatable obstacle courses are great for many occasions, such as birthday parties, boot camp drills, outdoor kids’ events, schools, churches, festivals, etc.