Inflatable Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is a large challenging and fun inflatable bouncy toy structure, it often contains many interesting features and sections like inflatable climbing walls, tunnels, hedgehog pop-ups, hurdles, beams, tires, bish bash areas, water traps, slides, etc. It is also called inflatable assault course.

Dual lane inflatable obstacle course is the most common one, two opponents at a time try to compete with each other to see who first finishes the race. But it also can be made and used in events with multiple challengers, such as 5k run,  and it has few other different types, like military course, inflatable water obstacle course, wipeout course, etc. Inflatable obstacle courses are popular in both kids and adults, they’re great for boot camps, drills, physical training, rentals, outdoor kids’ events, schools and churches etc.

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