Inflatable Combo

Commercial Inflatable Combos for Sale

Channal Inflatables is a professional commercial inflatable combo bounce house manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We offer high quality durable commercial grade inflatable combo for both adults and kids. We have wet and dry inflatable combo with slides for sale at a cheap price compared to other inflatable manufacturers.

Custom-made Bounce House Combo and Shipping

You can totally customize your inflatable combo, we have a whole designer team working for you. Our commercial bounce house factory is in Guangzhou, China. We can ship your units to the whole world, and of course including shipping to USA.

How Do You Buy Inflatable Combo from Us

After you submit a quote inquiry or contact us form, our salesperson will contact you through email or phone you provided. Our salesperson will answer any questions and guide you through the purchase process.

What is Inflatable Combo

Inflatable combo is the combination of bounce house and inflatable slide, the slide can be inside or outside the bouncer. It is called water combo or wet combo if the slide is water slide. Inflatable bounce house combos bring much more fun to kids than standard bouncy castles because they add more playful features, such as slides, climb steps, basketball hoops, ball pit, obstacles, etc.