SEO Tips For Inflatable Rental Businesses

Not all owners of inflatable rental businesses are SEO masters, but certainly they have websites that need prompted in searches, especially in local searches. So SEO comes in and plays an important role in their long term business sales. Here are some solid tips and advice for party rental websites that rent bouncers, combos and inflatable water slides. This article is pretty useful for those who decide to do it yourself instead of hiring an SEO agency or an in-house SEOer.

Helpful Content

Google’s EEAT is a major thing now. Hence, you should demonstrate helpful content on your rental websites.

For inflatable party websites, helpful and useful content means:

  • Clear omnipresent contact us details, including email, phone, business address, etc.
  • Rental price and time
  • Delivery info
  • All policies, including cancellation, weather, etc.
  • Inflatable safety
  • Insurance
  • FAQ

Web Hosting

The two most significant factors should be taken into account are stability and performance. You don’t want to be trapped in the situation of your websites being frequently down and slow, which would cost you customers and sales directly.

Finding reliable and fine web hosting services by reading others’ reviews online, speed test websites that already hosted on the servers, or simply go with ones that have been survived till today. Most hosts would give users a month trial, so if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back.

One thing to be noted, if your rental area is in USA, then host your website in USA; If in UK, buy host in UK. You know what I am talking about, it’s all about the website speed, server location matters.


This part is a bit complicated, everyone has his own preference when comes to design. However, a good website always fit those points below:

  • UX (user experience), make sure your customers have no problem browsing your website and find information.
  • Clear contact information on every page. Able to reach is always crucial for business.
  • Keep important parts above the fold, like your rental items’ images and descriptions. This is actually a rule of Google SEO.
  • Fast website speed, not only the host has influence on the speed, but also your website programming(include HTML and backend code like PHP or Python), image size, numbers of http requests, css/js and others. Use some free tools to diagnose your website speed, like Google pagespeed insights, gtmetrix, etc.
  • Full of useful and proper contents, those contents go into the meta tags, titles, unit descriptions, FAQ, blogs, etc. Because Google is still a text-based bot.

Go Local

If you’re not currently ambitious to enlarge your inflatable rental business country-widely, you’d better focus on local SEO. The aim is always to promote your website and service locally with geographical locations that indicate your delivery areas. Sophisticated search engines like Google will intelligently combine your website with local keyword searches. Just think about how would a customer reaches to you when he or she type keywords in Google search, I bet this phrase appears often: “party rental near somewhere”.

Social Media

Build your official Facebook pages, Pinterest and Twitter account, spending time on them and digging for potential customers. Nowadays, the most efficient social format is videos, especially short videos. You should really put some efforts into some video platforms, such as Youtube and Tiktok.


Backlink is a very important component of SEO ranking in search engines. The goal is to get as many as possible high quality backlinks to your bounce house rental websites.

Local directories, categories and listings are first choice when exposure your website the web at the very beginning. But you should only put your website links on high value domains, not the spammy ones. You could ask for any events that rent your inflatables to mention your brand name or add a link to their website if they have one.


It takes efforts to be successful at search engines. For inflatable rental businesses, the most important thing is being completely helpful and honest to your rental customers.

If you like those tips, be my guest and share it anywhere you want. If you find some parts unclear or some are missed, just let me know.

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