How To Choose An Reliable Inflatable Manufacturer

Many start up owners of bounce house hire businesses share the same question about how to choose an inflatable manufacturer that they can work with, be it USA manufacturer or China manufacturer.

So I am going to share my opinion from a manufacturer’s standpoint.

There are quite few ways and signals that denote and show whether a manufacturer is good or bad.


An inflatable mfg who are proud and confidence about their quality of products will obviously have a longer warranty period. But that not indicate all good manufacturers are willing to provide a long warranty. If you get a 2 year warranty of a commercial bounce house, then it’s good enough. Some companies currently provide the most longest warranty, like 5 years at jb inflatables.


It’s the common way and most likely more effective way to detect a reliable inflatable manufacturer. Where to find those reviews? You can find true reviews via review websites, forums, social medias and talk to people who have former experiences.

IAAPA Members

This criterion stands for a serious company who is dedicated to inflatable industry. There is a fair amount of yearly fee to become an IAAPA member.

Attending IAAPA Expo

A manufacturer who send their original design work of inflatables in front of a grand exhibition with thousands of visitors and party rental business owners and staffs is probably what you want to check first. For example, the booth of cutting creation inflatables is the place you should visit whenever you are at the show.

Warehouse In USA

When it comes to compare and pick China inflatable manufacturers, it makes sense. If they have warehouse in the USA, it shows they have more experiences and resources. Owning an office or company in states is extremely important for China inflatables businesses, because it allows close connections with clients at all aspects, include after-sale service. Chinese inflatable manufacturer like Channal Inflatables has already established its place in the US.

However, things don’t always follow formulas. Sometime you have to go through a dealer to find out what real quality is, or you may not tell much different among them. Every good manufacturer has its own advantages and great products, you may wanna try them all out.

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