Inflatable Water Slides

Cheap Commercial Inflatable Water Slides for Sale and Wholesale

Channal Inflatables is an inflatable water slide manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We offer custom made commercial grade quality inflatable water slides for adults and kids. We use durable lead-free PVC materials to make our water slides safe for children.

How Do You Buy Inflatable Water Slide from Us

Contact us via submitting an inquiry or contact us form. Our salesperson will contact you through email or phone you provided. We manufacture commercial water slide and ship to the whole world.

What is Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable water slide is a large blow up water toy for adults and kids to slide with water. Inflatable water slide generally consists of a water slide, climb stairs and a pool.

Inflatable water slide works its magic on many occasions, such as birthday parties, festivals, company events, carnivals, fundraisings and more. Commercial inflatable water slide is probably the second most rented inflatable, less than commercial bounce house.

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