Last update date: March 26 2016

We Collect Some Information

For the purpose of better service our customers and improve our products and marketing, we will collect enough information from website users. We promise we will never share the information we collect to any others, we highly value our users privacy rights. The data we gather include email, registered account information, website analytics data, cookies and so on.

How we use those data

For emails, we use them to keep contacts with our buyers. Occasionally we will sent subscription emails and notice emails for further communications. For registered account information, things we like to know like customers names, delivery addresses, account passwords are very important to contact and send products, and the passwords are for security login and authentication. For website analytics data, it’s for better understanding website users actions and behaviors so that we can provide most appropriate products and services to existed and potential buyers. The cookies are for later access, so you don’t need to login again and again.

Changing of Privacy Policy

Channal reserve the rights to amend our privacy policy if we find it needs to be done. Any changes are made, we will immediately inform all our users and let them know clearly what the exact changes we’ve made. We will show the notice messages on website and also send out emails to existed members. All the changes we will make would do no harms to our visitors and buyers, so don’t worry.