Clean Dry and Store Tarp

If you are a bounce house rental businessman, you must have some of inflatable equipment that you wanna wash for reuse or to store them. You can’t leave those equipment in dirty, muddy and wet conditions, and just store them anyway, because that would damage, mold and stink the tarps.


Hang the tarps on cloth lines, fences or clean lawns, hose them down. If the dirt won’t go off, consider using detergent and sponge to wash.


Of course it is easy to dry the tarps in sunny days, the best way is to let them air dry in the sun. If you are stuck in cloudy or rainy weather, the dry process would take much longer.


After totally dry, then you can fold them up and put them away. Seal the package to avoid moist weathers.

Whats The Best Way To Clean And Store Tarps For Bounce Houses In The Off Season
How do you clean your large tarps

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