An Amusement Device License for Operating Inflatables

The thing is, you need an amusement device license for owning and operating an inflatable device. Those inflatables, such like inflatable slide and bouncy flooring castle, may do potential hazard to users.

Recently, a manager comes from Beechwood Market in Canada, bought a bounce house for his store. His intention is to draw more attentions from customers. He is taught that he can not operate the inflatable device by himself, because of lacking an operator’s license (see this news here).

Playing with inflatable amusement devices which move players on them is in a close relation with safety concerns and regulations. Under the laws, which are various in different states and countries, such as 520 CMR 5.01 and EN14960, both inflatables operators and products should be tested and licensed.

So, if I want to own and operate an inflatable amusement device for my business, how do I get an amusement device operator license?

In short, there are some forms to fill and some training to pass. First, you will need to fill up a permit application form and submit it to your local government. Second, get a certified report from a safety inspector before getting insurance to inflatables. Here is an how-to procedure article about obtaining operator license you can refer to.

Important to realize, even after you attain the permit, you still can’t operate the inflatables. Because you also need to have an inflatable operator license. There are two options, either you become an operator yourself, or hire one.

If you want to be a legitimate inflatable device operator, you should consider taking training course from Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization, aka sioto. The fee of operator license is higher at first year, but a bit lower when renew.

As to hiring third party instead of spending time at training school, the pitfall is the costly rent rate. It would cost some hundred bucks for one time rental. Not quite money saving for regular uses.

In conclusion, in order to operate an inflatable for commercial purpose, one should get an operation license. Either running a local inflatable rental company, or buying an inflatable toy to attract customers, you’ll need the license. For party rental businesses,  train your employees to get license or hire operators that already capable.

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