How To Advertise Bounce House Business

So, you want to start a bounce house business and look for tips and suggestions about advertising your rental business, or probably you already owned and operated a rental company but don’t know how to advertise a bounce house business.

First of all, your bounce house business needs a catchy name.

Bounce House Business Names

You want people to remember you, then you must get your business a nice and catchy name. The principle of naming a bounce house business is clean and short.

You must realize that the name will appear not only in your house, but it will show in your advertisements, business cards, online awareness and other channels. So don’t be too long in case run out of space.

Then make the name relevant and easy to remember, especially when your customers see it and they know how to pronounce. Anyway, a good business name is a good brand which goes a very long way.

Go Online

Website and SEO

You’ll gonna have a website for your inflatable rental business. Everything now is all on the Internet. I can’t imagine that you don’t have a nice looking and easy use website already.

About building the website, I’ll leave you alone, because that’s not the case to talk here. But if you still wanna ask me your questions on this topic, write me an email or leave a comment, I’ll try to give you some tips.

Actually, before you plan to build a website, you need a SEO, be it an agency or in house. Because there are fundamental elements of website optimization need to be considered and applied during the period of website building.

Once you managed to get yourself a close-to-great website, you can start promoting your party rental business. And of course, you still need SEO to improve your website’s traffics and performances in all sources.

Social Media

There are quite a few people would like to search on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, rather than search engines. You are going to create your official business accounts there, and update and share your newest information regularly.


SEO is hard and long term, advertising is easy but costs.

If you have plan and budget to invest into online advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook ads, I have no reason to stop you. It’s indeed works, and chances are you will soon have your first customer if you play the game right.

Except PPC on major search engines and social medias, having ads on industry forums and communities is also a wise choice.

Email Marketing

If you already have some customers, email marketing acts like a reminder which will keep your existed customers come to you again.

Go Local

Since your inflatable bounce houses business is base on local areas, spend some fair amount of time on offline promotional activities and events is important and worthy.

For a startup company, it is fair enough to let your friends and neighbors be your very first rental customers. And of course you should give them some discount. And also you can ask them to help disseminate your startup to their friends and people they know.

Business cards for your inflatable rental company will be useful in every occasions, so please design and print those cards nicely. You wanna put contact (such as your website, phone number and address) and important promotional information on them.

Once you have a bunch of well-designed business cards on your hand, then you can plan some outdoor promotional events to draw attentions from your locals every now and then. For example, you can take out one of your best inflatable jumper or inflatable game to the park, allow kids jump on without any fees. Maybe do it with a lemon stand, but the simple point is that those kids’ parents will see how happy their children are, and also you can send out your business cards to them.

Better to have a business card holder on your bounce houses when you purchase. So that you can left some cards there, maybe you will get next rent because of that.

Besides business cards, another papers you gotta need for local promotions is posters and leaflets.

Don’t ignore your delivery truck, if you own one or more, they can also play a role in helping spread your company. Just decorate your truck with your bouncer business information and attractive bounce house pictures. People will be hard not to notice that a different truck in their sight, and they will know your brand.


Some of your customers are not individuals, they are organisations, schools, churches and cooperatives. There are always many local activities hold by those institutions out there need inflatables and bubble balls, and you can be a sponsor. Reach out to your local commercial corporations, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, charities, churches, communities and other groups, be a part of them.

Buy inflatable rental business

Some inflatable rental businesses are for sale for any reason, if you happen to have ability to buy one, you should think about it. Buying out a company who sells everything include online properties means you get their inflatables and also their customers.


This is an old school method, to be honestly, I hate when someone make unsolicited calls, not to mention promotional ones. But I still write it down here, and that’s up to you to decide whether or not to use this cold method.


Getting on local TV news and presses is also a way to expose your business. If you help hold a fun event or have an unique value to offer, contact a news reporter.


Sometimes, it is not that lack of marketing methods and channels, it is you don’t have anything particular to offer. So be creative to bring unique and beneficial values to your customers. For example, you have a new inflatable game, a more fun inflatable bouncy house, a sale and others.

What do you think about those tips and methods? What did you do or have in mind to advertise your bounce house business, you can share with us here.

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