How Is A Bounce House Made

If you ever have rent a bounce house in your backyard, you probably have the question of how is a bounce house made. You know it will be blow up by air pumps, but how can it stay form like that.


First of all, the materials are important. The materials used for making a commercial and safe bounce house is called PVC tarpaulin, it is flexible PVC but still strong. Plasticized PVC make it possible for us to produce all kinds of commercial inflatable products.

Inside Structure

Then how we make the bounce houses like a house, a castle or other appearances? The secret is inside the bounce house. We use soft PVC braces to fasten one end to the other end, so that the whole structure would not transformative by the air. See the below picture for better understand.

how bounce house is fastened inside

Cut and Sew

For the rest part, those tarpaulins of course need to be cut, sewed and stitched together with advanced precise machines. This is not a fun part, so I just skip.


The same process goes for manufacturing inflatable water slides and obstacle course.

If you are an inflatable party rental business owner, you should come visit a manufacturer’s factory to see the actual procedure. For us, Channal is always welcome your factory visit, contact us for schedule.

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