Bungee Run

Inflatable Bungee Run for Sale

Channal inflatables is an inflatable bungee run manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. We sell commercial bungee run inflatables in cheap prices. Our products include 2 lane / 3 lane bungee run, and bungee combo with basketball hoop. We are capable to make your own high quality custom-made bungee run race game, please contact us for more details. We provide worldwide shipping.

We also manufacture inflatable bungee trampoline.

What is Bungee Run Inflatable

Inflatable bungee run, also known as horizontal bungee, is an inflatable interactive game that played and competed by two or more opponents wearing bungee vests. They must try to run as fast as they can meanwhile withstanding the bungee cords that pull them back, and see who can tag the sticky marker more farther. If one can not keep moving forward or losing balance, the elastic cord will pull him fall backward. It’s a fun challenge game for adults and kids. Best fits for birthday party, school, carnival, corporate activity, etc.

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