China Inflatables vs USA Inflatables

As a member working at inflatable industry in a Chinese manufacturer company, I know there is always a question raised by new bounce house business startup owners, that is which commercial inflatables should I buy, China inflatables or USA inflatables?

When it comes to compare general China inflatables and USA inflatables, the answer is actually somewhat obvious. Here is an post on magic jump and another one on n-inflatables, they say it all.

The table below is what majority currently believes, the pros and cons of China inflatables vs USA inflatables.

China Inflatables USA Inflatables
Price Cheaper (include shipping) Normal
Design Knock off Creativity
Quality Poor High quality
Warranty 1-2 years >= 2 years

To be clear, this is general comparison between Chinese inflatables and made-in-USA inflatables.

Because there are good China inflatable manufacturers out there, there are also not so good American manufacturing companies. There are Chinese factories care enough to establish warehouse in states, there are also American sellers are just middle man that their inflatable products are imported from China. And also there are some high quality inflatables come from inflatable manufacturers in usa are actually made in their own China factory.

So this is not a battle one should win and the other would finally disappear.

What do customers think and want?

The market exists, you know. We here at channal inflatables has many clients from USA and the rest of world. The most important thing is what bounce house rental business owners think and want.

It is about choice. It is about finding good inflatable manufacturer with responsibility and cheap price. It is about business operating and make profitable investments.

There are plenty reasons of many people buy inflatables directly from China, such as

  • It is cheap, save quite bucks
  • Qualified China manufacturers exist and can do fine designs
  • Many other inflatables, like inflatable games, don’t get torn that much as bounce houses and water slides
  • Buyers not from USA
  • USA mfg just don’t have or can’t produce some products

However, it is true that China inflatable manufacturers have a long way to catch up with USA inflatable manufacturers, who are in the origin place of this inflatable industry. Any company in any side, who continues to improve their products’ quality, design, creativity, fun and safety, will lead this field.

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