How to Start an Inflatable Park Business

Now is the right time to enter the inflatable park business, whether is inflatable amusement park or inflatable water park.

Why? Because we are getting better at manufacturing all kinds of inflatable devices and structures, and also people are asking about where to spend time on having fun together with family and friends.

So, how to start an inflatable park business? What’s the requirements and what things needed to think about before start-up?

Inflatable Park Business Name

Come up with a name that is unique and easy to remember even for kids. A good brand name is necessary for a successful marketing and business growth.

Business Location

I’ve seen so many local business on the rocks and failed eventually, the reason behind is simply but bad choice of location. Don’t rush into renting a place unless you make sure there are enough potential customers can easily reach to that area and find a parking space.

Inflatable Devices

For inflatable park, indoor or outdoor, except the all-in-one inflatable theme park option, also check this inflatable equipment list out.

For inflatable water park, the main inflatable is of course the whole package of floating aqua park. Then you may also want some inflatable banana boats, flying fish tube inflatables and other water toys, inflatable or not.

Buying a gigantic inflatable sounds intimidating, you’ll need to seek out a reliable inflatable park manufacturer to design and manufacture such giant size amusement devices, it certainly will trouble you less in the long run. Highly recommended manufacturers include galaxy, channal inflatables and airquee.

Get Licenses and Permits

You need to learn what licenses and permits you must acquire in order to start a business in your country and state. In general, you’ll need licenses for sales and taxes, employers, insurance, etc. And in this case, which we will have certain amounts of inflatable amusement devices for customers to touch and play, we’ll need permits of operating amusement devices.

And you probably will provide other services in your place, such as food and retail shop, you too have to obtain these permits separately.

You’d better consult with professionals or local offices to know exactly what licenses and permits you’ll need.

Hire Employees

Think through what kind of employees you will need at the very first phase of your new business, it largely depends on what equipment you’ll get and what other businesses you’ll have.

  • Inflatable operators
  • Event and party hosts
  • Fast food workers
  • Retail salespersons
  • Life guards (for water park)

Advertising and Marketing

There are tons of ways to do advertising and marketing in modern days, what you should really worry about is how much budget you are willing to spend and be consistent.

  • Building a website (and mobile app). Your customers want to learn more about you, a modern style and fast speed website that can work on both desktop and mobile is a must have.
  • Social media shares. A free way to get known by public, post interesting and fun stuff frequently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
  • Google Maps. Adding your business to google maps and other map product from other companies allow people find you while they searching on the map.
  • Reviews. Keep an eye on major review sites, but the most important thing is letting your customers love the services you provide.
  • Online Ads. You want to see quick result or the competition is so damn hard, setting up ads on search engines, social platforms and other popular websites just make things easier, if you have the budget.
  • Hiring Marketing/SEO agency. You are already busy on the major business stuff or you just don’t know how to do marketing, then it is much time-saving to hire an agency to work for you.

Admission and Price

Find out the best price to get business going, in a way that you stay competitive and also profit.

Making Policies

Policy for entering and participating in the park, like:

  • Conditions to play (such as minimum height and age for dry/water ride)
  • Dress code
  • Outside food and drink
  • Alcohol & cigarette
  • Emergency
  • Weather (rain and wind)

Off Season Strategy

The time will comes when your business don’t get that much traffic compare to other months, but you shouldn’t just let it be.

Preparing plans for slow months to maintain income, it may require you to expand the types of your business. Reach out to new category of customers is always a good idea, adding new equipment that can be utilized for off seasons, or planing events and activities that won’t be affect by weathers and temperatures.

Hope you get a basic idea from this article on opening your first inflatable park business, good luck on the path.

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