What Bounce Houses and Slides to Own For Party Rental Startups

What bounce houses and inflatable slides to own when starting a new party rental business? And what about inflatable games?

This is one of the most important and practical questions to preconsider before you establish a party rental bounce house business. It depends on your budget, main customer type and regional characteristic, season, etc.

Modular Inflatable Jumps

A modular jump proves to be a versatile toy for any parties. Combined with custom art panels, they can turn into whatever theme required from the events. So inflatable modular jumpers help save your budget, you don’t have to buy every custom-made bouncers comes with its own theme and design.

Popular Character themed Bounce Houses

Something will just never grow old. Many boys are obsessed with things like dinosaurs, space stuff, monster trucks or pirates. And for girls, they are crazy about unicorns, Disney princesses, mermaids, etc. Hence, you’d better have those ready in your stock. Maybe you should first find out what is currently the most hot topic among the kids in your area.

Water Slides

Nothing should prevent you from owning a water slide. It is a must-have inflatable unit for a bounce house rental business. As a matter of fact, you should have more inflatable water slides if you could. The most classic and no-brainer water slide themed pattern is obviously ocean.

Inflatable Interactive Games

When comes to inflatable interactive games, we got a problem. Because we have so many choices. We highly recommend some games that are safe bets to rent out easily, such as inflatable soccer darts, human whack-a-mole, obstacle rush course, axe throw game, basketball shooting games, etc. Some inflatable rental startup owners may spare no effort to heavily focus on inflatable games than inflatable jumps.

Wedding Bounce Houses

Recent years, a new trend has occurred in wedding ceremony which should be known by bounce house business owners. White wedding bounce houses seem to stay since their debut. It’s obvious that newly married couples prefer renting over buying a bouncer, so that’s your chance.

Toddler Combo Bouncers

Toddlers can also enjoy their fun on bounce houses as kids do. Small combo bouncers for toddlers are just what you seek. Those inflatables often comes with several small obstacles and learning sections for toddlers.

Halloween Bounce Houses and Mazes

If your new party rental just starts before Halloween, then you should definitely get your hands on Halloween jumpers and mazes. With good marketing strategy, you may end up earning your first big gold mine.

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