Questions To Ask Before Renting A Bounce House

You may think about renting a bounce house or inflatable slide for your kid’s birthday party, but before you rush into anything, you should ask some questions to yourself and the rental companies.

Q: When exactly does the birthday party begin? How to make sure the rental company delivery the bounce house you book right on time?

A: For starter, as a party host and planner, you should know the exact time the party starts. So you’d better to book a reservation for any bounce house as early as possible. On the earlier day of the party, make a phone call to check if the delivery is fine and on time.

Q: Is the rental company insured and are those bounce houses licensed? Do I need to sign any waiver?

A: All rental companies should be insured and have licenses to operate and own all inflatable equipment.

Q: What are the safety rules do guests need to know? What and who are allowed on the inflatable jumpers?

A: Yes, there are rules, because safety always comes first. Things like jewelry, keys, knife, drinks, shoes are not permitted to carry with participants on the inflatables, because those things will damage the vinyl materials that made the bounce houses. If an inflatable bouncer got punctured or ripped, it might start to deflate and collapse, which is extremely dangerous to kids and other patrons because they will be trapped inside and difficult to breathe. Every bouncer has its own weight limits and number limitation of kids, you should estimate how many guests you will have and choose a right bounce house that fit your situation.

Q: How do the rental businesses make sure the bounce houses are safe enough for kids to play inside?

A: The party rentals will check the weather first, if it is rainy, windy or too hot, they will tell you to cancel or make it on another fine day. The best ground they like most is the grass, because it is the easiest place to anchor a bounce house firmly to withstand sudden gusts. If that’s not the case, they will use a lots of sandbags or water bags or rocks to steady and fixate the bounce house. They will set up the bouncers for you and inspect any potential problems before they leave. They will also ask parents to keep their eyes on kids closely to supervise in case of any accidents.

Q: Anything about the electricity? Because bounce house need to be inflated by blowers.

A: yes, you need electricity around for blowers to being plugged and working. In the best circumstance, one spare outlet for one bounce house will highly reduce the chances of outage. If no electricity is available around, like you hold your party in a park or large outdoor playground, the rental companies also rent you generators at some costs.

Q: What is the cost of renting a bounce house? Do I have to pay other fees like delivery, pickup or tips?

A: It varies on different hire companies, I wrote an article cover the cost, you can check the details there.

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