What Is a Commercial Bounce House

A commercial bounce house is a large bouncy toy that players are able to jump on it. It requires continuous air flow by blower fans to be blown up. Suitable for both adults and children.


Bounce house has many names. You have probably heard people who call it bouncy castle, moonwalk, or inflatable jump.


A standard commercial inflatable bouncer is enclosed with a roof and 4 sides, which are connected by inflated pillars. All sides should be allowed to see through. For that, sides are made of safety netting. Entrance side, or front side, provides an emergency exit safety ramp. The safety ramp can be cage-like or simply with arms. The inflatable columns, or pillars, are often castle-like.

The inflatable flooring is bouncy. Because of high usage, floor should be durable and tear-resistant.

Inlet and outlet tubes often situate at the backside of bounce houses. They are essential to keep bouncers standing up.

Inflatable bouncers may also attach games inside, such as basketball hoop and pop up obstacles.

Other important features include safety straps for anchors, warning sign, business card holder, art panel, etc.

You may also be intrigued to learn the inside structure of a commercial bounce house.


Commercial grade quality inflatable bounce houses are made of heavy-duty fire-retardant lead-free PVC vinyl and nylon.


Bounce houses often come with theme paintings. The most popular themes for kids are dinosaur, princess, unicorn, superhero, etc. If not, at least they are multi-colored.


The most common usage of commercial inflatable bouncers are for party rental businesses to rent them out to birthday parties and fun events. They can be made to fit into indoor and outdoor.

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