How Much Does A Bounce House Cost

How much does a bounce house cost? What about inflatable water slides and other inflatables?

Rent A Bounce House

What’s the rental price for a bounce house or a water slide? Well, it varies on different areas, inflatable rental businesses and the items you want to rent.

We take USA as an example.

The cost of renting a bounce house, or you prefer call it moonwalk and jumper, normally start from $15 per hour. Most rental companies offer 4 hours rate as a package, so that’s $60 for 4 hours at least.

If you rent a common bouncer, it will costs you between $70 – $300 for a block of 4 hrs.  But with a more fancy one, the rate goes up to generally $150 – $500.

A bouncer might be monotonous for kids, so you want to rent a combo, or water slide, or even an inflatable obstacle course. Because those inflatables have more play features than a bouncer, so the pricing is no doubt higher.

Rent an inflatable dry / wet slide will costs you start from $150. Largest giant inflatable slide raises the price easily more than $700. Rent for an inflatable obstacle course begins with $300, the longer and with more obstacles, the higher price you must pay, some longest obstacle courses will cost you more than $1000.

Other fees

There will be other potential fees that you should know for renting a bouncer, vary on different companies. Those extra fees are like delivery, setup, damage waiver, pick up fee if overtime, over night, generator, cleaning, sandbags, etc.

Buy A New Bounce House

To be clearly, commercial bounce houses are for rental companies, and residential bounce houses are for individuals.

Commercial inflatable bouncers are more expensive than home use ones. The reasons are commercial bouncers are made of PVC tarpaulins and more larger and high quality than residential jump houses in online stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us.

A new commercial bounce house normally cost starting from $1000, but some manufactures from China will make it less cheaper. A complicated, large and fancy design bounce house combo will cost more, somewhere between $3000 to $8000. I am not sure currently is there any regular unit that worth of more than 10k yet, but a longest inflatable obstacle course or inflatable slide the city is definitely exceed that value.

A home bounce house is normally range at $200 to $500. If you are a large buyer, you can buy them at wholesale price.


A blower is the machine to blow up an inflatable. Since a blower is worth of some dollars, so basically all manufacturers would not include blowers when selling inflatables. Every bounce house at least requires one blower to pump it up, large ones need more blowers. So you have to buy blowers separately, but you’ll get discount prices if you buy them from inflatable manufacturers.


Shipping is another cost most newcomers of bounce house businesses may mot aware of. Most of them need cheap commercial bounce houses, probably imported from China. So international shipping cost can not be ignored, generally it will charge for several bucks.


Bounce house rental costs

Jumper price

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