How to Encourage Kids to Run

June is here. Do you know the first Wednesday of June is the global running day? It is a holiday for celebrating running. Whether you are an adult or a youth, if you run, this is the day for you.

With the incoming of global running day, it’s a good time to encourage kids to run.

Why should kids run?

Well, running is good for kids physical and mental health.

Running, includes sprinting and jogging, is a good way to improve cardiovascular and cognition function. It also plays an important role in reducing stress and anxiety.

So how to encourage kids to run?

As a matter of fact, most kids already love running. The true reason why kids seem like not running is there are things hinder their nature. Those obstructions, such as smartphones, video games and social medias, are keeping kids indoor and dormant.

If you want to encourage your kids to run, the most powerful weapon is to make running more fun for kids.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

It’s definitely fun to race on a bouncy inflatable obstacle course. If running on a concrete race track sounds boring, why not try a bouncy flooring one.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Constructing an obstacle course in your backyard for your kids birthday party sounds like a great idea. You can use old tires, water pools, slides and hula hoops.

Giant Inflatable Park

If your kids don’t get satisfying on an one-dimensional inflatable obstacle course, how about an giant inflatable park. A blow up park like this, contains so many inflatable amusement attractions all in one platform. Kids will never know how time passes while they running and jumping on it.

Tag Games

Ah, this reminds me of my childhood. Tag is the king of running games. There are many types of tag games, such as freeze, laser tag, Mr blind man, etc.

Fun Relay Races

There are many excellent fun relay races for kids. For example, fill water race, each member of teams carry a cup full of water while running to their bucket and pouring the water. Or something like balloon race, which 2 kids hold a balloon together with their head and run.

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  • Amy C Reply

    Love love love this. The more exercise and outside time the better. Especially considering all the time these kids are spending on screens now a days.

    Thanks for the post!

    June 14, 2021 at 2:01 pm

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