Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Fire Safety

Teaching kids knowledge about fire safety is essential, the earlier, the better. But you don’t have to make the education sounds all boring, there are some fun ways to give a great lesson.

A Trip to Fire Station

Quick often, it’s very helpful to learn something by seeing and touching. You want kids to know and respect fire, give them a tour to a real fire station. Show them what a fire engine looks like, how to use a fire extinguisher, when alarms go off, how the fire fighters react, etc.

Inflatable Fire House

You can’t treat kids like adults, kids just don’t have the same attitude adults have when learning something important. You need to put them into a friendly and fun studying environment which can stimulate their memory and experience.

So now we have inflatable fire house, inflatable fire station, inflatable fire truck and so on. Those inflatables are basically bounce houses with slides, they allow fire safety instructors teach kids inside and kids also will have a great time of jumping and sliding.

Sing Fire Safety Songs

If you have to memory some texts, better memory them like a song.

For example, this scene from IT crowd (new emergency number):

Jokes aside, it’s true that jingles trump words. If you can write an catchy song about fire safety for kids, do it.

Like this one:

Play Stop, Drop and Roll Game

How about playing games with kids and actually learning life saving skills from the games. Stop, drop, roll is the first game comes into my mind. How to play this game? Maybe set up a race competition, kids can run regularly, but if music starts playing, they must stop running, then drop and roll, if music is off, they can get up and keep running.

Do you have any other good ideas? share with us.

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