Bounce House Benefits for Kids

There are three major physical and psychological benefits for kids to jump on bounce houses.

Health Benefits

When kids play on an inflatable bouncy castle, they will often do jumping, a little bit running (for large inflatable bounce house and inflatable obstacle course), and even a little climbing (for bounce house with slides).

Jump and run generally share numerous same health benefits for kids, such as increasing bone density, strengthening muscle, expediting blood circulation, boosting energy level, gaining body fitness and many more.

Jumping along specially helps improving kid’s agility and coordination of their body. When a kid jumps on a bouncy house, because of the convex and uneven bouncy flooring (by design, to increase the spring tension), their body will subconsciously accommodate to the everchanging movement. Thus, it enhances their balance ability.

And that’s not the whole story. In fact, children would like to be versatile, sometimes jump left and right, sometimes hog for a while, or bound here and there. Those different jumping activities stimulate and augment the whole leg system, just like plyometrics drill does.

As for running, there are many science evidences showing that it would improve human’s both short term and long term memory, reduce risks of various diseases, lessen anxiety and stress, etc.

Social Benefits

Most people are social animals, they kind of need some extent of social life and interacting with others. This is especially true for kids, the peer interactions among young kids play a significant role during their growing up.

Kids play in a bounce house, which provides a small space, they will talk, they will interchange ideas, they will try to get attentions and understood by their peers. Those verbal activities help shaping their communication and language skills.

Besides above, there are more benefits arise when kids play together. They will learn sharing and empathy. If a kid is going to throw a birthday party with inflatable bouncer or inflatable water slide, he / she will invite his / her friends to come over and enjoy eating birthday cake and playing in bounce houses together. In some degree, it teaches kids to share nice things with others.

Mental Benefits

It is very important to feel good, and the key to stay in well-being is constantly exposed to experiences of happiness.

Inflatable bounce houses and inflatable slides are the simple solutions for that purpose. A large bouncy toy will definitely keep kids active for hours. Get a kid’s birthday coming soon, rent an inflatable moonwalk; Holiday is coming, such as Christmas and Halloween, throw a holiday party with corresponding themed bounce house; Sleepover party or even a regular play date, can be reasons to set up a bounce house for kids to jump.

Kids love bounce house, this whole experience, including play with friends, delicious food to eat and lively physical locomotions, will undeniably leave them a memorable moment, which will have a huge cumulative impact on their later lives.

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