Fun Inflatable Race Games

If you have plan to organize a charitable fun run event or hold a race party, there are many fun games to choose within inflatables. Those fun inflatable race games especially works wonders for kids.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable obstacle course race requires not only speed, but also the abilities to crawl, climb and jump. Generally it allows two kids compete simultaneously, so a single elimination tournament strategy is fine to determine the final winner.

Inflatable 5K Race

The most fun 5k race ever! Inflatable 5k obstacle race combines running and inflatable obstacle course together. Runners will encounter a dozen of inflatable obstacles on their way to finish line. You’d expect many different bouncy obstacles, such as inflatable climbing wall, bubble area, giant slide, et cetera.

Inflatable Car Racing

Ain’t you agree more speed stands for more fun? If you are with me, then inflatable car racing game is what you are looking for. The best types of automobiles to apply in those blow up race track include go kart, drift trike, quadracycle and more.

Zorb Race

Ever wonder how hamsters feel while running in the hamster ball. Luckily, now you have the chance to experience it by yourself. Giant inflatable zorb ball race no doubt is the most novel racing game. You get inside the ball and then roll just like the hamsters in the hamster balls.

Typically, there are 2 choices regard zorb track, which are grassland and zorb ball inflatable race track.

Inflatable Costume Race

If we are going to pick the most funny race game, it must be inflatable costume race. There can’t be more fun than running while wearing funny costumes. Popular inflatable costumes to choose include inflatable t-rex costume, superhero costume, Halloween costume, et cetera.

Bungee Run

Not every race requires long distance, bungee run game is one of the exceptions. The most important factor in bungee race is your strength. You are up to against the bungee cord that pulls you backward. One of the most welcome bungee game is inflatable hungry hippo.

Air Ball Race

Inflatable air ball challenge game mingles perfectly into a bustling party. It is a kind of hot potato game. Your goal is to transfer the air balls by air tubes from start position to final end hoop. This is a game of skill and patience.

Inflatable Horse Racing

Another hilarious inflatable race game is this inflatable derby. The attended “horses”, which in this scenario, are people riding pony hops. Hop your way till finish line.

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