How Heavy Are Commercial Inflatables

Commercial inflatables are more heavy than residential inflatables. The weights of commercial inflatables are generally determined by size, PVC material, additional structure, etc.

All the data below are firsthand from Channal Inflatables (an inflatable manufacturer).

Bounce Houses

A 11×11 commercial bounce house weighs about 150 pounds (68 kg). A 13×13 commercial bounce house weighs about 180 lbs to 230 lbs (80 kg to 105 kg). A 15×15 commercial bounce house weighs about 210 lbs to 240 lbs (95 kg to 110 kg). Don’t forget that height also plays a part.

Inflatable Water Slides

Commercial water slides are very different in sizes. A regular inflatable water slide measures 23 ft to 30 ft of length (7 m to 9 m) and 15 ft to 20 ft of height (4.5 m to 6 m). With that measurement, a regular commercial inflatable water slide weighs about 330 lbs to 550 lbs (150 kg to 250 kg).

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Commercial inflatable obstacle courses often vary in length, whereas their width, not so much. If the course has more obstacles, the more weight it will gain. The weight of a typical double lane inflatable obstacle course ranges from 450 lbs to 650 lbs (200 kg to 300 kg).

One of our longest inflatable obstacle course easily weighs more than 10580 pounds (4800 kg).

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