Different Names Of Bounce House

You know the bouncy thing like a house or castle that kids love to jump over and over, it’s inflatable bounce house. But wait a minute, some may say that they definitely heart about some other names. Yes. that’s true, bounce house is being called different names among various folks and regions.

standard bounce house for kids

So, how many different names of bounce house are there? Here we go:

  • bounce house
  • bouncy house
  • bouncy castle (mostly used in Europe)
  • inflatable castle
  • jumping castle
  • jump house
  • inflatable jumper (or simply jumper)
  • inflatable bouncer (or just bouncer)
  • moonwalk
  • moon bounce, or moon jump
  • spacewalk, or space walk (very first one)
  • closed inflatable trampoline
  • jolly jump
  • boingalow
  • astrojump
  • brinca brinca

So far there are 16 different names, and may be more out there.

Among those names, bounce house, bouncer and moonwalk are mostly used. Bouncy castle is a popular phrase in United Kingdom and other Europe countries. The last 5 ones are already rarely used. Space walk is the first word invented to describe inflatable bounce house.

What do you call this blow up trampoline with walls, where are you from? Share with us in the comment.

What do bounce house called in other languages?

  • Spanish – brincolin inflable or castillo inflable
  • French – château gonflable or jeu gonflable
  • Chinese – 跳床 or 充气城堡


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