Outdoor Venue Ideas for Kid’s Birthday

Do you know that your kids may be already sick of spending their birthday at home every year? This year, as a parent, you should really try something different for once. This time, plan a trip to an outdoor venue instead. So, stop racking your brains and let’s get going.

Inflatable Aqua Park

If your kid’s birthday happens to be in summer, then paying a visit to a local inflatable aqua park is a safe bet. A day of full of water sounds extremely fun.

So many water games to play on a giant inflatable water park. You can go for a glide on the inflatable floating slides, run fast through a water course, or dunk into water from blow up deck.

Big Bounce House Park

If you think regular backyard bounce house is big enough, think bigger. Taking your kids to a biggest bounce house park will definitely rock their world. It’s like Alice’s wonderland for kids to jump. Besides bouncing, kids can also climb inflatable walls, run against an inflatable obstacle course, frolic in a giant ball pit and play many other interactive games. The most important thing is that all of those happen on the same bouncy floor.

Theme Park

Both adults and kids will have a huge blast in any theme parks. You can see so many fun stuff and play so many fun rides and attractions. The Ferris wheel, merry-go-around, roller coaster, water rides,  just to name a few. And also no need to worry about food and drinks.

National Park

It is time for back to nature. It is not only healthy but also meaningful to spend kid’s birthday in mountains and forests. Children will get to view and learn many animals and plants which they probably have never seen before.


How about packing your tents and bags, and go for a camping in a dedicated campsite. For kids, it would be like a sleepover party in the wilderness.

Putt-Putt Course

Miniature golf is a mini version of golf, which perfectly fits for young kids. Just as the sports name suggests, players only need to target and putt. Easily proffer half day of fun.

Rock Climbing Gym

Indoor rock climbing facility has the best potential for more active and adventurous kids to enjoy fun. Don’t worry if kids never climb before, those indoor climbing gyms generally provide introductory classes for beginners.

Farm Tour

You should really bring the kids to visit a local farm. They will learn how their everyday food grows, in the trees or under the ground. Family-friendly farms also provide many activities for adults and kids, such as corn maze, produce picking, and you have the chance to chow down fresh delicious food.

Snow Hill

What if your kid’s birthday falls in winter? You are lucky, because now your whole family can go snow sledding or tubing on the snow-covered hills. Just chill and let the gravity creates magic thrilling fun for you.

Virtual Reality Arcade

VR arcade is a real thing. Gathering all your family members in a virtual video game sounds really interesting. You can actually get more family bonding through virtual reality.

Family Entertainment Center

Indoor family center is one-stop shop of fun for family related events. Most of family entertainment centers furnish with a number of attractions, such as inflatable water slide, climbing structure and small rides. Moreover, they also serve food and drinks for both adults and kids.

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