Inflatables and Agritourism Activities

Agriculture tourism has became an essential part of a farming business. It contributes a very discernible amount of income to farm and ranch owners, this is especially critical when crops are not in fruit yet. So if a farm provides various fun activities for its visitors, that would be a win-win for both sides.

There are many great options to consider adding into your farm activity list. One choice, which you should definitely take into account, is inflatables.

The most common inflatable you might see often is bounce house. However, do not let your experiences limit your imaginations. Here I will list some inflatables that would fit perfectly with your agriculture businesses.

Inflatable Corn Maze

It is nice to have a corn maze in a farm, be that as it may, that is not realistic. However, a farm can still own and operate a crop maze for tourists, the solution is inflatable corn maze.

Inflatable corn maze can be easily set up indoor and outdoor on grass and concrete grounds. It appears like a real cornfield labyrinth, and also safe for kids to explore.

Farm Inflatable Obstacle Course

How about establishing a race game on your farm and ranch? If you own a giant farm themed inflatable obstacle course, it would be a bouncy fun race activity for both adults and kids.

Check out this inflatable farm tractor obstacle course to get a conception.

Farm Bounce House and Slide

The old regular bounce house never fail. A farm themed inflatable bounce house would be perfect for kids birthday party at a farm. Apparently, it sounds like an amazing special day party for kids, kids can eat fresh fruits from you-pick or farm direct sale stands, enjoy the fresh air and bouncy house fun altogether.

Advertising and Decorative Inflatables

Besides inflatables as toys, farmers may also need inflatables for advertising and decorations. Those inflatables serve the purposes of attracting views from visitors and promoting sales and events.

Generally speaking, popular options include: air dancer, entrance archway (like this farm themed inflatable arch), custom giant farm animal inflatables and many more.

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