How Many Games Can Be Played With Inflatables

Kids and adults can both have huge fun playing with inflatables, the inflatables games and toys are becoming one of must-haves in our daily life. But how many games is associated with inflatables, here is a complete list as an answer.

Inflatable Slide

Inflatable slide consists of two types, dry and water. Inflatable dry slide generally is not recommended for water use, inflatable water slide most often can be used as dry slide. The types of slides include straight, curved, spiral, wavy, steep and so on.

Inflatable Bouncer

Inflatable bouncer is a bouncy inflatable which people can jump up and down. It has various names, like bouncy castle, moonwalk and inflatable castle etc. The bouncer should be enclosed with inflatable walls with netting at least on 3 three sides of the structure in order for supervision on kids’ safety.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable obstacle course is a super fun challenging game combo with different kinds of inflatable obstacles, such as obstacle poles, holes to crawl through, obstacles to squeeze through, tunnels to pass through, climbing wall to climb over and so on. Usually it supports two person to compete each other to see who reach finish line first.

Inflatable Sports

Inflatable sports games imitate the real sports in a simple way. Kids can shoot basketballs into inflatable basketball hoop, kick soccer to the inflatable soccer gate.

Inflatable Zorb Ball

Zorb ball is a ball that has players inside and roll over on gentle slope and flat, water zorbing is able to applied on water.

Bumper Ball

Bumper ball game is one kind of soccer kicking game, the only one rule of the game is players should wear the bubble bumper balls.

Inflatable Joust Game

Inflatable joust game is an extreme exciting game that two gladiators stand on the opposite positions of the joust arena, and see who would first be knocked off by inflated jousting poles.

Bungee Run

Bungee run is a game of competition to see who is the man/woman with real power. Get together all your force and pull yourself forward against the spring cord which pull you back. Reaching farthest distance or hitting target is the objective. Besides bungee run, bungee trampoline(euro bungee) is also a great equipment to play with.

Wipe Out

Verb is always hot in the game of wipeout, all players have to pay highly attention in case of being eliminated. A great group game for any party.

Boxing Game

Instead of real fighting, why not make it none hurt and OK to kids? With inflatable boxing rings and inflatable helmets and boxing glove, fighter will have fun and won’t feel a thing about being hit.

Inflatable Dart

Inflatable dart board makes dart game portable and safe in crowded environment. Another variation of this is football/soccer dart inflatable, which is to kick Velcro football to the dart.

Inflatable Maze

The best idea ever of making maze by airblowns. Inflatable maze is portable and easy to set up for any outdoor events, that is the shortage of traditional maze which take times to build.

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