How Bounce Houses Can Educate Kids

It may sound weird at first if I tell you kids can learn stuff through bounce house, a bouncy toy most of people stereotype as a children’s typical birthday item. But hear me out, bounce houses can and should provide educational values to kids via multiple ways, and meanwhile give kids a fun playing time and experience.

Art Panel

Let’s talk about the art panel first. An art panel could be painted into a theme, tell a little story or depict an inarticulate moral. Evidently, the art panel presents an apparent space of colorful visual treat for kids.

Visual learning is proved to be the most effective study method for most of young learners. And the best part is they learn while they play. It is known that exercise helps learning, and jumping on bounce house is a kind of entertaining exercise for kids.

For example, a bounce house with a farm themed art panel. You’d expect farm animals, like cows, sheeps, ducks, chickens, show up on that panel, and it is a great opportunity for parents or educators to teach kids about those domesticated animals.

Another example, a bounce house with a space themed art panel. This is going to benefit young children who have big enthusiasm on science and sci-fi. Guess what would appear on that banner, spaceship, UFO, aliens, planets, stars, astronauts and you name it. Those space elements would largely stimulus kids’ imagination toward the infinite deep space.

Educational Games

Bounce house is not only a toy for bouncing, it can also include some educational games for kids, especially toddlers.

Some inflatable parks or toddler playgrounds would contain a toddler learning center, which introduces some intellectual games, such as tic tac toe, maze, toddler shapes activities, find that thing game, etc.

Some inflatable games require coordinations, which give rise to teamwork. When kids try to play these kind of games in any parties and events, they’ll learn the importance of empathy and team building.

Special Purpose Inflatables

Since bounce house has long been a favorite thing for children, some geniuses come up with ideas that involve using bouncy houses as an expeditious method for teaching kids about important things and information.

Fire truck bounce house is a veritable exemplar of aforementioned application. Fire engine inflatables are generally used by fire departments and schools to instruct young students about fire safety.

Portable inflatable planetarium is an inflatable dome tent for starry sky exploration. Though it is just a tent, maybe someday could be modified to be a bouncer too.

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