3 Great Home Based Business Ideas

Are you getting exhausted of your 9 to 5 day job? You wanna quit it and start a home based business that make ends meet.

In home business definitely have a huge advantage than other businesses on the aspect of start-up budget. It surely requires zero dollar to use your house as a working space.

Party Rental Business

How does it work? Well, customers call in and book some party stuff. You deliver them and pick them up when party is over. Sounds easy, right?

You can store all of the party rental items in your house. May be somewhere in your garage or basement. Even storing commercial bounce houses won’t need much room.

Virtual Restaurant

Or you may call it a delivery only restaurant. The essence of a virtual food business is that it doesn’t involve customers eating in your property. You deliver the online-ordered food to them.

So evidently your kitchen is your workplace. But the real question is how do dinning people find your little business if you don’t own a concrete eatery. For this reason, you’ll need to invest efforts in your home based restaurant website. Therefore peoples are able to find out where you are.

In Home Microgreen Business

What are the microgreens? They are small version of adult vegetables in the cotyledon stage.

As can be seen, the beauty of microgreen business lays in the fact that those micro veggies only need a small handful of space and short time to grow. The grow duration normally last for about 1 to 2 weeks. After that, it’s time to harvest and sell them to restaurants and supermarkets.

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