Are Water Slides a Good Investment

Yes! Water slide is a great investment.

You should buy commercial inflatable water slides for your party rental business. Here are the reasons.

People Love Water Slides

Not only children love water slides, even adults can enjoy the water blast from them. Inflatable water slide is the second most rented inflatable, the most rented one is bounce house. You can rent inflatable water slides to birthday parties, schools, churches, company events, nonprofits and many more.

Return on Investment is Good

Let’s talk numbers.

Take rental price in California as an example. Water slide rental price generally ranges from $300 to $500, of course large deluxe water slides cost even more.

A basic commercial water slide’s price generally starts from $1000 to $2000. Assume you bought a water slide worth of $1500 and set the rental rate as $400. So after 3-4 times of rentals, you can get your money back. Suppose you rent it out once per week, then about one month later, you’ll start to earn profit. And a commercial water slide is good for several years of wearing.

Can Be Dry Slide

Most water slides can also function as dry slides, so you can rent it out all year long.
18' blue marble inflatable wet n dry slide

A Giant Advertising Device

If you have a super cool inflatable water slide set up in someone’s backyard, and other residents in that neighborhood will definitely want to know your business’s contact info.

So what you should do now is to hit the ground running and start adding commercial water slides to your inventory. Don’t believe me, maybe you should hear the saying from this party rental company.

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