Party Rental Business Ideas

Rental business will be always prosperous. If you are thinking about starting a rental business for whatever party type, you are already in a good beginning position. Now let’s have a thorough look at what party rental business are out there.

Bounce House Rental

Unless one day all the kids in states decide to stop liking jumping on the bouncy castles, bounce house rental business will prolong in time. Whenever a kid’s birthday party pops out in your surrounding, you get yourself a deal opportunity. Quality commercial bounce house and water slide is not that expensive and has a higher return on investment.

Party Supply Rental

Speaking of party supplies, this is a huge category. If you have been planning a large party before, you would know it. Any party serving a dozen of guests requires various stuff, and obviously it is better to rent them. Generally a party supply rental company offers rentals such as tablewares, linens, decorations, lightings, tables and seats, tents and et cetera.

Wedding Rental

Wedding ceremony and reception definitely are the topmost important events which outpass others. You can anticipate that newly married couples would spend a large fortune on this occasion. As the same with party supply business, wedding rental also provides a number of miscellaneous items. Flowers, wedding dresses, white bounce houses, and even wedding venues are typical stuff on the rental menu.

Pet Rental

How many kids can get a pony as a birthday present even they wish for it? I guess it’s a low number. Hence pet rental is here to rescue. The most popular animals include dogs, cats, ponies, pet sheeps and rabbits.

Costume Rental

Although you may only think about Halloween and Christmas when talking about costumes, that is not entirely true. As matter of fact, people wear costume through all the year, especially on kids birthday.

Movie Screen Rental

Indoor and outdoor movie screen rental is a hot market. Many a activity and event has a demand for screen viewing, such like drive in theater, outdoor spin class, concert, festival and so on. There are mainly two types of screens, one is mobile LED screen and the other is blow up screen.

Inflatable Building Rental

Quite a lot of events request both a spacious outdoor space and a covering on the head. That’s where large inflatable building structure comes to play. Inflatable buildings can be applicable in occasions like fair, promotion, tennis sporting, wedding, block party, etc.

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