Off Season Strategy for Bounce House Business

Every industry has its slow time of year due to the ever-changing seasons, every business owner has to come up a plan to handle the lesser income problem in the slow season.

For bounce house businesses, the off season is in the winters. It starts approximately from December and last through the early period of March. Because it is cold outside, it is impossible for kids to jump on a bounce house outdoor. So not much rental activities in this period, and that often engenders bounce house rentals into floundering situations.

But you don’t have to wait and do nothing. There are still some activities and strategies you can employ and practice during the winter time.

1. Cleaning and Repairing

In the busy times, you probably don’t have enough time to carefully take good care of your bounce houses and water slides. The off-time in the winter is the perfect opportunity for you to thoroughly keep your units in the great state of maintenance.

2. Purchasing New Units

Start thinking ahead for the next year. You want to add an inflatable obstacle course to your inventory, or some new style bouncy castles. Or some units just got worn out and need to be replaced. Either way, making your purchases in the off-season gives you influential preparation for a good start of new year.

3. Indoor / Toddler Bounce House Rentals

Who said kids and toddlers can’t play about inflatable jumpers just because of chilly weather, indoor bounce houses get them covered. Indoor inflatables are less taller than normal size bounce houses, so they can fit into rooms, even with low ceilings. Toddler bounce house, as the name suggests, is for young kids and toddlers, also can be blow up indoors if you got enough of space. Not just in winter, indoor / toddler inflatables have a big market all year long, it is a neat idea to include indoor / toddler inflatable rental to your business.

4. Managing an Indoor Party Place

Since you are quite familiar with moon bounces and slides, why not operate an indoor party business along the way. When the earnings from rental drops thanks to weather, you can still count on your indoor kids birthday party place.

5. Renting Inflatable Tents in Winter

People just don’t stay in home at winter, they still go outside and do stuff, like winter weddings, winter parties, holiday celebrations, winter sales and promotions, etc. Tent heaters will keep guests in tent warm and comfortable.

6. Advertising Inflatable Rentals

Another good way of making extra money in winter time is to do advertising inflatable rentals, such as advertising balloons, blimps, sky dancers. Especially when it is a holiday season, business owners would like to promote themselves.

7. Holiday Decoration Rentals

Fortunately enough, winter happens to be agglutinative with several holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas. Do you know what residence dwellers wanna do to their houses? Decorating. But in some cases, it is not cost-effecient to buy decorations. That’s where holiday decoration rental comes to play.

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