The Unusual Inflatables

When think of inflatables, you may imagine something like bouncy house or inflatable arch. The most common purpose of inflatable goods is without doubt for entertainment. However, and surprisingly enough, inflatables have some unusual practical applications to boot.

Inflatable Tank

The very first inflatable dummy tank may date back to world war II. Those fake tank props play an important role in deceiving enemies. They were constructed with wood in the beginning, then updated to inflatables for easier transportation and set-up.

Evacuation Slide

Inflatables also apply themselves into the safety domain, especially act as escape tunnels. Inflatable evacuation slide is generally used for emergencies like getting out a crashed aircraft or a burning building.

The inflation time of inflatable escape slides should be as less as possible. Most airplanes are able to open their slides in less than 10 seconds.

Inflatable Space Habitat

Can you imagine any space modules or planet bases are made of inflatables? Well, it is true even you still cannot believe. The scientists have this idea for dozens of years. An american company, Bigelow Aerospace, is the major player in this field right now.

Why using inflatable space habitat? There are 2 main reasons. First is for fuel efficiency on launch (relate to Aerodynamics, because inflatable structure can be folding). The other reason is that it can provide enough ample living space with minimum mass.

Inflatable Building

Try hard to book a place for whatever your upcoming event, but got no luck? With inflatable building, you can set up your event in almost anywhere.

Browse the market, we now have quite a few inflatable structures act as outdoor house.  For example, we have inflatable church for wedding, inflatable tavern for drinks, inflatable bubble tent for camping.

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