Studies on Inflatables

This article records all studies on inflatable equipment and industry in reverse chronological order.

Subject: heat danger to children in bouncy castle
Published Year: 2016
Author: Department of Geography at the University of Georgia
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Comment: Can be avoided, supervisors and parents should let the kids come out from time to time to decrease the heat.

Subject: injuries rise on popular inflatable amusements
Published Year: 2015
Author: CPSC(Consumer Product Safety Commission)
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Comment: Lack of data on which type of inflatable devices, is the residential ones sold by retail chain stores like Target and Walmart or the commercial ones manufactured by professional manufacturers?

Subject: more kids injured on inflatables than mechanical amusement rides
Published Year: 2014
Author: THRILL Lab (Tools for Holistic Ride Inspection Learning and Leadership) at Ryerson University
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Comment: include all amusement equipment injuries, not only inflatable bouncers and slides.

Subject: selection of inflatable bounce houses
Published Year: 2014
Author: Janice Bowen and Rebecca Uboldi
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Comment: great study, high value information for inflatable bounce house manufacturers and sellers.

Subject: injure increased among bounce house
Published Year: 2012
Author: Center for Injury Research and Policy
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Comment: According to the study, in 2012, every 45 minutes a child is injured by bounce houses.

If there are more studies that I miss here, please let me know.

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