Space Theme Birthday Party Games

No surprise that your kids want a outer space themed birthday party. The open universe, the flickering stars and not to mention the spaceships, all of those surely capture their imaginations.

Although making a rocket shaped birthday cake may be the essence of a kid’s birthday party, you cannot deny that space themed games are also significant. So, let me create a list of out of this world outer space games for you parents.


You know I am talking about bounce house here, right? In some areas, inflatable bounce houses are called as moonwalks. So obviously, how can a space themed birthday day party be devoid of moonwalk?

You are really in treat. We have many space theme inflatable moonwalks for you to choose. Thinking about getting a giant planet in your backyard, we have planet moon bounce. Wanna be the first person to get in touch with aliens, we have alien bounce house. Or perhaps you’d like to pay a visit to NASA Space Center.


Pinata unbelievably fits kid’s space party. The best part is you can make a asteroid pinata or a UFO pinata. Let kids save our earth by destroying the approaching rock or the aggressive UFOs. If the commission succeeds, what ahead of them are a load of candies as rewards. To make the game more interesting, award the hitter, who break the Piñata, more prize.

Saturn Ring Toss

As a matter of fact, Saturn has rings, so as Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. So how do we play this ring toss game?

First we should prepare 8 balls, which stand for 8 planets in our solar system. You may also get a giant red ball as the sun, in order to make a more lifelike solar system on the grass. After that, you should teach kids which “planet” has a ring system. Then, during the game, kids are supposed to throw rings on the actual targets. If the rings get tossed on the wrong planets, a penalty is expected.

Meteorite Hunt

Send out the troop of kids and look for meteorite stemming from the sky above. Now, if you don’t have any meteorite in stock, don’t worry, let’s use stones painted with various colors.

The goal of this hunting game is to search for hidden pretend meteorites, maybe in your backyard. Each color represent a rank of reward. You can use candy, ice cream or cake as rewards.

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