How to Throw an Alien Party For Kids

Cast aside the hot debate on the existence of aliens, as for kids, we just simply throw an alien theme birthday party for them. Extraterrestrial aliens are mysterious and high tech, they travel our universe by UFOs. Those features are what make kids so fascinated about them.

Now, onto the topic of how to throw an alien party for kids, we have many things on the list.

Alien Bounce House

First of all, hiring an inflatable alien bounce house is probably the most urgent matter. If you can get an UFO themed bouncy castle for your kids, that would be fantastic. Because, you see, an UFO bounce house might be seen as an UFO in kids eyes.

Alien Themed Movies

Watching movies with kids together is a super bonding activity. When it comes to alien movies, you get a lot to choose.

For starters, alien animated films should be the entree of your movie night. Highly recommended animated films about aliens include Megamind, Monsters vs Aliens, Home, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. Some animations are not very related to aliens, but still they are appropriate to watch, such as WALL-E, Monsters, Inc., Lightyear, etc.

Although children do love animations, they also seem to desire for real person movies. Among the top of the list are Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.

Alien Invasion Laser Tag

What is the first thing in your mind when talking about aliens? It must be alien invasion. Let’s play a game of alien invasion laser tag battle. Divide the kids into two groups, one group acts as the alien invader, the other is the earth’s defender. You can totally hire an inflatable laser tag and set up in the yard.

Build a Rocket

It is time to test your paper folding skills and a little physics knowledge. We shall build a paper rocket and launch it to find the aliens in the space.

Make an Educational Trip

Arranging an educational trip kills two birds with one stone. Kids can learn something about science and aliens while having fun. This might be the most meaningful gift for an alien themed birthday.

There are several destinations for this purpose:

  • buying a ticket for a space camp program
  • going to a real rocket launch site
  • visiting a science museum
  • getting a seat in a planetarium
  • UFO sighting camping

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