How Schools Adore Bounce Houses

All school adore bounce houses! To begin with, a school is full of kids, and kids love bouncy houses.

There are many programs and events going on at school during a year, which means tons of fun entertainments and activities for students. If you got a bounce house or inflatable playground with slide, it would be perfectly fit in any case.

Let’s go through those school programs and events, and find out how inflatables can be helpful.

School Educational Programs

Education programs are essential for kids, which help them improve their knowledge base, life skills and safety awarenesses.

Below are some examples.

A fire truck bounce house can work like magic in a school fire safety presentation and education lesson. Obviously, one learns better while playing.

A farm agricultural education program of school will bring the fresh air and fruits of countryside in front of classes. Now a farm themed inflatable seems very proper in this case.

After school program provides many academic and recreational projects and activities for kids. For example, after school fitness program can use a sports themed bounce house or a inflatable sports game. Those inflatables definitely will help kids stay active and healthy.

Science Carnival

Whenever a school’s science carnival event happens, a science bounce house can play an important role in it. Kids can enjoy learning new knowledge, and in the meantime, they can also have a great moment at playing field with STEM themed inflatables.

School Field Day

Kids love field days, it is an important break from class. Besides, they get to enjoy various fun field day games and detectable food.

When you, as a school staff, plan for your school’s sports day, don’t forget about inflatable interactive games. Those blow up games can be easily set up and put away. They can be both fun and competitive.

For instance, an interactive play system game, an inflatable dart board, an inflatable obstacle course, or an inflatable basketball connect 4 game.

School Picnic

School picnics are probably the most popular event among young students.

In spite of the fine weather, delicious snacks and kindly companions, you can make your picnic day more jolly. A simple bounce house can help that. It totally sounds like a birthday party.

School Fundraiser

In fact, almost all schools need fundraising to enrich their student’s learning experience and opportunity. Raising enough money means more and better teaching apparatus or field trips.

Inflatable is a great helper for the purpose of attracting fundraisers. Assumed you are going to hold a school carnival or a family fun day, you earn money by ticket sales. In order to obtain more, install a bounce house or obstacle course can have a huge impact.

For example, the best idea of Halloween fundraising is to set up an inflatable haunted house. Inflatable obstacle course can be a part of fun race. Inflatable shooting game makes a wonderful stand in a school carnival.

School Recess and Gym Class

Even in school recess and gym class, inflatable castles have their places. Playtime is very important for kids during school. Kids need to release their energy after all, and inflatable is a good method, just like other equipment.

Not to mention bad weather, when it’s obviously not suitable for outdoor activities. Inflatables are able to place indoor, so that kids always get to play whatsoever.

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