Inflatable Haunted House

Inflatable haunted house includes walk through inflatable haunted house maze and blow up haunted house yard decoration. They are all for Halloweens.

Inflatable haunted maze is a Halloween inflatable maze for kids and adults, it can be a closed dark one or roofless. Add Halloween characters to make the maze more terrible and spooky, pumpkin, zombie, ghost, reaper, RIP coffin, Satan, skeleton, black cat, Frankenstein, and anything else in your mind. Haunted house blow ups are Halloween inflatables for decorating your yards, also they can be designed as entrance archway with ghastly sounds and lights.

Channal Inflatables is a “scary” inflatable haunted house manufacturer in China. You can totally count on us for this year’s Halloween haunts. Buy and customize your own haunted house maze or decoration at a cheap price.