Residential And Commercial Inflatables Difference

Most parents who buy or rent a bounce house the very first time for their kids birthday party may encounter a question. Namely what is the difference between residential bounce house vs commercial bounce house. They have every rights to know the crucial difference between those two. In order to answer that, let’s first define the whats.

What is Residential Inflatables

Residential inflatables are for home use. The users are mostly little kids and toddlers, because of the weight limit. They are made of nylon material, which is low quality, so they don’t last long. Normally, you can buy residential bounce houses and water slides directly from online and local stores.

What is Commercial Inflatables

Commercial inflatables are high quality inflatable products and manufactured for commercial use. Its lifespan is at least a couple of years, much longer than home use inflatables. The reason is the material been used to make commercial grade inflatables is heavy duty lead free fire resistance PVC. Commercial grade inflatable products, such as commercial bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses, are capable for both adults and kids to jump and play. Normally, you purchase commercial inflatables from inflatable manufacturers and commercial bounce house resellers.

To sum up, commercial inflatable is more durable and safe than residential inflatable, but cost much higher. Due to the strength of PVC material, various types of commercial inflatable products have been made in the industry. For example, inflatable park and inflatable water slide.

The detailed differences between residential inflatables and commercial inflatables are as below:

Residential Inflatables Commercial Inflatables
Purpose Home use Commercial use
Who can play Kids, toddlers, babies Kids and adults
Materials 420D Coated Vinyl
800D Coated Vinyl
10 oz /0.4 mm Vinyl
Nylon baffle inside
15 oz & 18 oz Vinyl (PVC)
10 oz Vinyl Baffle inside
Size Small ones, not larger than 20m²/215ft² Large ones, normally large than 10m²/108ft²
Weight 8 KG – 40 KG >= 40 KG
Price USD 90 – USD 300 > USD 500
Service life Last for 6 months to 1 year Last more than at least 2 years
Order and Manufacture Bulk order and flow production Customization
Customers Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, parents, etc. Inflatable rental companies, amusement parks, events, other manufacturers and importer, etc.
Sale Channel Supermarkets(such as Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Target), retail chains, online retailers(Amazon, eBay) Inflatable manufacturer websites and other direct contacts

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