Labor Day Bounce Houses

Labor day is coming. It is the best time for parents to teach your kids about your careers. For that purpose, we need to come up with a smart, meanwhile fun way to accomplish this task. Oh I know, how about bounce houses?

So, let’s find out what kind of bounce houses are there for corresponding careers.


If you are a scientist, then a science theme inflatable bounce house would make your kids over the moon.

Robotics Engineer

How cool is it to work in the upgrowing field of robotics engineering? Kids have no problem understanding what a robot is. Express your job with our robot theme bounce houses.


If you are an athlete, great, now a sports theme bounce house can help you.


Managing a farm or a ranch, that is not an easy job. As a farmer, you should proudly explain your daily works to your kids through farm theme bounce house.

Construction Worker

A construction site theme bounce house is a hard hat’s best tool to introduce their kids about how does a construction site work.


I think the most appropriate inflatable for teacher parents would be a school theme bounce house, like a school bus bounce house.


Let’s get a police theme inflatable combo which has painting of a police arresting a criminal, and also perhaps a police car.


You don’t need to even ask, there are already many fire truck inflatable bounce houses out there in use.


In order to show your kids how great service you’re contributing to your country, a military bounce house is required.

Train Driver

Operating a train, how cool is that. Inflatable train bounce house will nicely win your kid’s heart, because all kids love choo-choo.

Race Car Driver

As a race car driver, the kind of bounce houses you should obtain for your kids is without doubt a race car bounce house.


Being a clown, you already have the advantage on how to entertain kids. In addition, a clown bounce house or a more general circus bounce house would do you more magic.

Ice Cream Seller

Working as an ice cream van owner and selling refreshing and delicous ice creams to kids is a joyous job. You get to see and hear the happy face and laughters of kids. Introduce an inflatable ice cream van bounce house to your kids.


Taking care of our pets is a huge responsibility. As a vet, you should teach your kids that with animals theme inflatables, such as dog bounce house.


If you are secretly a ninja (I promise I won’t tell anyone), then train your kids with this inflatable ninja wall.

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