Inflatables In Popular Culture

Have bounce houses and other inflatables ever been appeared or mentioned in any TV shows, movies and other forms of medias? Let’s see.

TV Shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S02E01, Undercover

bounce house in brooklyn nine-nine

The bounce house is deflated, and Amy Santiago said she has Cleithrophobia.

The Big Bang Theory, S01E16, The Peanut Reaction

Year after year, I had to endure wearing conical hats while being forced into the crowded sweaty hell of bouncy castles, not to mention being blindfolded and spun towards a grotesque tailless donkey as the other children mocked my disorientation.

This is Sheldon’s response to Penny who wanted to throw a birthday surprise party for Leonard. It seems Sheldon have bad impression about bouncy house, in a later episode, Sheldon also mentioned it’s like sleeping on bouncy castle when he stayed over in Howard’s home.

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