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  1. What is IAAPA
  2. Newest IAAPA expo
  3. Who can go to IAAPA
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. Free tickets

What is IAAPA

IAAPA is short for the international association of amusement parks and attractions. An IAAPA membership is like a must have and honorable badge that all vendors and manufacturers should proudly have. The logo of IAAPA obviously represent carousel, which is a classical amusement equipment for kids.

IAAPA attraction show is the carnival of amusement industry, it happens every year in different regions of the world. The biggest and most famous expo is in Orlando, Florida, USA, then there are Euro attraction show(EAS) and Asian attractions expo(AAE).

The newest IAAPA expo: When and Where

IAAPA attraction expo show 2018 (IAE 2018)

Location: Orlando, FL, US
Trade show time: November 13 – 16, 2018
Education and training conferences: November 12 – 16, 2018

Euro attraction show 2018 (EAS 2018)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Trade show time: September 25 – 27,2018
Educational sessions and conference: September 23 – 27, 2018

Iaapa europe 2019 will be at Paris, France.

Asian attractions expo 2019 (AAE 2019)

Location: Hong Kong
Trade show time: June 12 – 14,2019
Training and conferences: June 11 – 14, 2019

Who can go to IAAPA?

Anyone who has registered.

When the event kicks off, you are required to wear a badge to get in (children will need to wear a wristband), which will be given to you on site.

You will have a huge blast here, to see all kinds of new games and toys, to meet all professionals in different area like operators, manufacturers, vendors, rental business owners, designers, amusement park managers etc.

How much does IAAPA cost

Check out official registration rates for IAAPA Orlando and for IAAPA Europe.

The fee is different between members and nonmembers, IAAPA members cost less then nonmembers. Usually members will save more than 100 dollars at the registration fee and are free to attend educational sessions and conferences. Nonmembers have to pay another fair amount fee to enter the conferences.

Also, the earlier you register, the less you will pay.

The rates are becoming higher these years, and the earlier attendees register, the less they will pay to get in. This year, registration applications start at May 31 and cost $234 for nonmembers before September 20, and conference fee is $329 for nonmembers, it remains the same no matter when.

There are other conditions for students and children, like if your age is 12 and less, it’s free.

Free IAAPA Tickets

How do you get free pass to the expo show?

Well, exhibitors like manufacturers will get free expo tickets from the association, the number of free tickets a mfg owns is depend on what size of their booth they book. But can you just ask for a mfg to get a free ticket? Apparently no, manufacturers will prefer to send out those tickets to their own regular and royal customers.

Tickets from Channal Inflatables

Channal Inflatables is a member and exhibitor of IAAPA, and have developed its root deeply in the inflatable industry for more than 10 years. We will be in Orlando and Europe every year, and hope to meet you there. If you were and are a customer of us, and wanna get a free ticket, you can ask us and we might give you one if we still have some left.

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