How to Invite Santa to Your House

Christmas is coming. It will be a huge surprise for kids if they see Santa Claus in their house. I would guess that jolly old white-bearded man is the number one guy with whom kids want to hang out in the Christmas season. So, how can you invite Santa to your house?

Writing A Letter to Santa

As a matter of fact, Santa receives thousands of hundreds of letters from kids all love the world every year. Even if he was busy all day long, he will read your hand-written invitation letter.

Cosplaying Santa Claus

You should know the Christmas holiday is a busy business season. The earlier you rent a Santa costume, the more likelihood you’ll get one.

Hiring A Santa Claus

If you are a young parent who does not old enough to look like a Father Christmas or Mrs Santa, then hiring a Santa Claus would be a better choice. The hour rate is costly, but it is worth seeing your kids happy smiles. A pretend Santa Claus still counts, your kids will love it.

Luring Santa to Come

There are many things can be done to lure Santa to visit your home.

Here are some tips:

  • Be a good kid and stay on the good kid list.
  • Have a reindeer around, Santa loves reindeer. Of course you can use an inflatable reindeer.
  • Leave Santa some his favorite food, such as mince pie, milk, cookies.

Blow up an Inflatable Santa Claus

To make things better, why not blow up an inflatable Santa Claus? It will definitely looks like Santa is staying at your house. Luckily, you have many styles to choose. You can get a Santa with wreath, a Santa sitting on his reindeer sleigh, or a Santa carrying a big gift bag and standing together with penguins.

Set up a Santa Bounce House

Another fun thing to bring Santa to your house is setting up an inflatable Santa bounce house. It seems like you are playing with Santa on the bounce house.

Throw a Party for Santa

Did you ever think the fact that we always ask something from Santa but never give back? In honor of Santa’s hard work, you should really throw a party for him. The significant components for a successful party for Santa are sincere joy, delicious food and Xmas music. If you build it, they will come, right? Perhaps Mr Claus will come by since you are so kind.

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