How to Celebrate Veterans Day with Kids

Veterans Day should also be a big holiday to kids. It is drastically important to teach young kids about veterans and how they serve for our country. So let’s get children involved when the Veterans day comes.

A Little History Lesson

Perhaps it is the best time to teach young generations a bit of history. Starting from World War I and then World War II, how our countrymen had fought for freedom and peace. Don’t need to be in details, a brief history is more than educational for kids.

House and Yard Decorations

Go ahead and decorate your house and yard with Veterans Day ornaments, just like you would do to other holidays. Typical veteran decors include American flags (or your country’s), patriotic wreathes, signs, banners, inflatable G.I. Joe, etc.

Make a Small Donation

Encourage kids to contribute a small donation to charities or organizations for veterans. Although it may be just a small amount, it really means a lot. There are quite a number of military related charities in States, such as Fisher House Foundation, Disabled American Veterans, Wounded Warrior Project, etc.

Hold a Military Themed Party

Veterans day should not always be too serious. For kids’ sake, let’s throw a military themed party for them. It is best for kids to learn while having fun. Speaking of fun, military bounce houses would be your top choice of party games. Setting up an inflatable assault course for kids to run and race is also a blast.

Give a Present to Veteran Family

If you happen to know a veteran family around your area, great, you and your kids can send a gift to them. Shop-bought gifts are appropriate, but a handmade expresses more sentiment. Also don’t forget that April is the month of military child.

Watch Anti-war Movies

The main purpose of this whole thing is not to promote war, but actually to oppose war. Then it is practical to get kids to watch anti-war movies. We do have some fine war films that is appropriate for kids, such as Grave of the Fireflies, The Wind Rises, Sound of Music, Life is Beautiful, Valiant, Little Princess Sara, The Railway Children, etc.

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