Celebrating Month of the Military Child

April is the month of the military child. It is designated to honor children from military family. Those military kids deserve recognitions at least one day each year from other community members, especially schools and neighbourhoods.

So the question narrows to how to celebrate the month of the military child.

Purple Up

Actually, April 15th is the purple up day. It is the day to show your support and respect to military children by wearing purple clothes. Why is purple up purple? The reason for that is combination of all force colors.

Military Theme Fun Day

Actions speak louder than words. Hosting a military fun day for military youth is the best way to make them a good day. Besides other kids can be more easily participating.

An excellent outdoor game idea is of military inflatables. To name a few, air force theme bounce house, army theme inflatable obstacle course, camouflage inflatable maze.

Bootcamp Challenges

Military personnels all confront physical challenges every day. Let’s honor them by having some boot camp competitions.

Typical boot camp challenges include relay race, assault course run, calisthenics, sports and more. Also, teamwork is utterly one of the most paramount spirits within military. Some fabulous examples of team building activities include tug of war, caterpillar hula race, et cetera.

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