How to Anchor a Bounce House

Read and learn how to anchor a bounce house on different grounds.

Every parent should be serious about bounce house anchoring, because it relates to kids safety and health. Fixing an inflatable jump house on the ground strictly is an effective method to prevent it being blasted by sudden and strong winds.

If you rent a bounce house (commercial grade), then the bounce house party rental company takes the responsibility to install the bounce house. If you decide to buy and own one yourself (residential grade), then you need to know how to safely anchor it yourself.


The most ideal and recommended surface for a moonwalk to be fastened is always grass or lawn.

The reasons behind this are:

  • Grass is more easily for using stakes.
  • Grass is soft enough in the case of kids falling out of bouncers.

You can apply anchors before or after blowing up the bounce house. A bounce house has nylon made straps with D-rings on every corner. What you need to do is to hook ground anchors tightly with the D-rings of the straps, and make sure to stick the ground anchors deep into earth.

The ground stakes you use should better be heavy duty steel. There are several different types of stakes available, like J hook, straight with stoppers or twisted pin. Remember to use some tools, like hammer or crowbar, to help nail the stakes.

Besides stakes, popular alternative choices are sand bag or water bag. They are heavy, and probably more safe for kids. Because kids would run around the bounce house and may get tripped by the anchors underground.


Bounce houses are able to be set up on concrete grounds, such as asphalt, cement or hardwood floor.

Apparently the ground stakes have no use on this situation. Instead, we use sand bags, water bags, concrete block or cement holder to secure the bounce house.

The concrete should be flat, otherwise it could make the bounce house unstable and kids may fall out.

If you wanna set up the bouncer indoor, then the wind is no longer a problem. However, you still need to fasten the bounce house, for it may get slide while kids jumping on it.

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