How Much Is A Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bull is a simulation machine of the real bull rodeo, it is a much safe and fun way to do rodeo competition, show or simply playing. A mechanical bull is consist of an inflatable mattress or foam pit, a bull riding machine and a control console box.

How much is a mechanical bull? It depends on whether you want to buy or rent, the quality of materials and machines, and other conditions.

Rent a Bull

Why do you rent a mechanical bull instead of purchasing, majorly because you just need one for an event for just a few hours.

How to rent a inflatable rodeo bull for your party or any other event? It’s easy, just search Google for any mechanical bull rentals near you, read their websites and ask for a pricing rate. Before you contact your local rentals, you must be aware of what size of your location, what time of your event starts and other conditions like electricity supply and outlets.

Now comes to the price part. It depends, but basically the price of renting a mechanical bull will fall in the range of $100 to $300 per hour. Most inflatable bull rental companies often provide a fixed rental period, like 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. So if you goes with 8 hours plan, renting an bucking bull will cost your from $800 to $2400.

Then of course there are some other fees included, such as deposit, delivery, set up, operation, overnight, pick up, damage, clean, cancellation fee, tips and other fees.

Buy A Bull

Who are likely to buy a new or used inflatable mechanical bull, probably those who are owner of a party rental business.

How much does a mechanical bull cost to buy? The prices can be separated into 2 parts, one is the inflatable floor bounce house, the other is the bull simulator machine with controller. Inflatable bounce house for bull rodeo is relatively cheap, often cost between $700 – $2000, it really varied on the inflatable materials and size. The machine bull is more expensive, it will cost from $2000 to $15000, depends on the quality of the machine.

Why the rodeo bull machine price can be so exorbitant? That’s because the machine contains many functions, such auto stop system, LED time clock, movement and speed control, preset rodeo competition program, etc. A well-made and precise machine means more safety.

Where can I buy a mechanical bull? So you made your decision to own an electric bull for yourself for whatever reasons. There are some good mechanical bull manufacturers out there, like Galaxy, Channal Inflatables and mechanical bull sales. They are all qualified to offer you the deluxe quality inflatable bulls.


How Much Does a Mechanical Bull Cost?

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