Home Alone on Christmas

Don’t feel bummer even if you have to spend Christmas alone. There are plenty of things you can do all by yourself during the Christmas day. Once you start, you might not even notice the part you being alone.


First thing first, decorating your house and room has a great affection on one’s mood. If your surroundings are well-embellished with various holiday ornamentations, you’ll probably forget being solitary. Traditional Christmas decorations include Christmas trees, wreathes, mistletoes, inflatables, lights, etc.


A bit of bouncing exercise will definitely improve your mind. Let’s make it more fun, why not bounce on an inflatable Christmas bouncy castle? You know, adults also should have the privilege to jump on these colorful bouncers.

Watching Home Alone

Someone also got staying home alone on Christmas, and he is a kid. Check out how much fun he was enjoying himself at home without other family members, I bet you can do this too. Start home alone movie marathon when the night falls, you’ll have a good time.

Building A Snowman

You ought to build a snowman in whatever shape you like in front of your house. And the best part is no one there to criticize your work. Oh, and just for fun, make a snow angel next to the snowman.


It is your house and nobody is at home. What does it mean? It means it’s time for singing Christmas carols out loud. You get all day long to listen to all of your beloved Christmas songs. You may be lucky to find a few new songs.


Maybe you never cook before, now it is the perfect time to try cooking by yourself. No need to prepare a full table of dishes, just pick a simple recipe for one. The result turns out to be either good or bad, nevertheless it is fun to try out for once. Here are some easy Christmas meals and desserts: crock pot ham, cheese ball, mini gingerbread man, apple pie, etc.

Planting Winter Flowers

Perhaps it is not the best appropriate time to start honing your garden skill. But why wait for the coming of warm months? There are some flowers still bloom vigorously throughout the winter, such as winterberry, fetterbushes, glory-of-the-snow, japonica.

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