Guinness World Records on Inflatables

See what others do with inflatables to create new world records and recorded by Guinness world records. You can be one of those holders too.


Longest inflatable water slide

The world record of longest inflatable water slide is recorded as 601.98 meters long. Created by Live More Awesome and located at Action park in Vernon, New Jersey, USA in 2015.

World’s longest inflatable waterslide makes US debut

Tallest inflatable slide

The tallest inflatable slide measures a height of 22.4 meters, this record is set by xscape at the city and freestyle slides at Belmont Park, Perth, Australia in 2016.

Enormous inflatable drop water slide in Australia is named tallest in the world

Tallest freestanding inflatable slide

The height of tallest freestanding inflatable slide in the world is measured at 12.9 meters. Created by the beachouse in 2015 and named as the big wedgie.

Tallest floating slide

This is a new record set recently in June, 2016 in Athlone, Ireland, the tallest floating slide of world measures 6.52 meters in height.

Dare to ride the world’s tallest floating slide?

Longest slip and slide

The longest slip and slide is manufactured at Amman, Jordan in 2015, and has an incredible length of 611.7 meters.

Jordan recognized as having world’s longest Slip and Slide

Longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour

The record of longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour is chalked up by total amount of 1486 rides in the event of slide the city hold at Panther Island, Fort Worth, TX, USA in summer, 2015. The total distance is 774,515.09 meters long, what a googol.

Fort Worth sets new slip-and-slide record at PantherFest

Bouncy Castle

Longest marathon on a bouncy castle (team)

The longest marathon on a bouncy castle was finished by a police team(8 people) for fundraising in 2015 in Australia, the total time spent on that run is 43 hours 25 minutes and one second in total.

Coast Cops Smash World Record For Jumping Castle Marathon

Biggest bouncy castle

The biggest bouncy castle has yet to be recorded, but a giant inflatable castle in Southampton, England has shown as a potential contender. Let’s just wait.

‘World’s Biggest’ Bouncy Castle Unveiled


Greatest distance zorbing

The greatest distance zorbing record has been stayed the same by Steve Camp since 2006 in Paengaroa, New Zealand. The final distance counts 570 meters.

Fastest zorb ball rolling

The fastest zorb ball rolling record is also created at New Zealand by Keith Kolver in 2006, both as part of Guinness World Records Day activities. The fastest speed reached at 32.3 mph.

World’s fastest ‘zorbanaut’ kicks off Guinness World Records Day

Most participants in a zorbing relay

The most participants in a zorbing relay is 237, each participant should finish their own 50 meters run. The event happened in Hong Kong, China in 2015.


Most balloons inflated by the nose in one hour

The number of balloons inflated by the nose in one hour is 380, this record is set up by Ashrita Furman in New York, USA in 2013.

Most balloons inflated by the nose in three minutes

Ashrita Furman also created most balloons inflated by the nose in 3 minutes record in New York at 2013.

Classics: Most balloons inflated by the nose in three minutes


Largest inflatable furniture

The largest inflatable furniture is an inflatable sofa measuring 20.5 m long, 8.10 m wide and 8.10 m high. The craftsman is Jacobs Krönung who achieved his record in Bremen, Germany in 2009.

Largest inflatable sculpture

The largest inflatable sculpture is called Gulliver museum, it is an incredibly large inflatable human body that people can actually get inside and look around. The inflatable Gulliver measures a size of 60 meters long, 20 meters wide and 7 meters high.

Introducing the World’s Largest Inflatable Museum

Longest Mechanical Bull Ride

This record was created by a man called Nigel Medley who is from Australia. He held himself on the rodeo machine for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

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    The world record for bouncing on a bounce ball is Amy’s. 1 hoyr and 20 min.

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